Hello to blogging

Since the death of my mom in February I’ve had a strong inclination to start a blog again. I know my family enjoyed having a place to see what we’ve been up to with our homeschooling. Beyond that I miss writing and as I begin the journey of homeschooling an older child I feel that revisiting my writing and refining my skills would assist us both.

Most importantly, I feel that God has placed on my heart some things that by being shared might help someone else in similar circumstances – I am not sure exactly what God has planned, and I’m okay with that, but I’m praying He sends plenty of courage to follow His plan. 🙂

Bonus, if I post a few recipes and tips on how I do some of the crazy things then I can send people there to find the info and it’ll save me some time and give them, hopefully, a helpful resource to access.

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